Loowngan Kerja Hilton Agustus 2022

Halo Befseeker! Selamat berjuang untuk mencari kerja dan merubah nasib. Pada kesempatan kali ini, Befwork menyajikan informasi lowongan kerja wilayah Jawa Timur dengan rincian sebagai berikut:

What will I be doing?

As the Engineering Technician, you will be responsible for performing the following tasks to the highest standards:

  • Strictly adhere to staff rules and regulations, the Management and commands from your superiors.
  • Strictly implement the rules and regulations, operate carefully, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.
  • Ensure the normal operation of the hotel's daily power supply, water supply, gas supply, heating and cooling equipment.
  • Inspect the equipment operation records and shift handover records promptly and accurately.
  • Inspect and maintain the equipment and facilities under your jurisdiction.
  • Save energy and control energy consumption.
  • Follow-up with maintenance works for banquets and meetings, ensuring that the hotel’s banquet and meeting equipment works well.
  • Regularly test run the generator as required to ensure power generation and transmission during power failure.
  • Perform other tasks assigned by the Management.
  • Supervise and inspect the hotel’s Fire department’s fire preventive works and take proper measures to stop any violation of the fire prevention works.
  • Supervise and train technicians and apprentices in their duties, their development of skills and knowledge, preparing them for eligibility to higher grades.
  • Manage working tools and register team members’ names upon usage of the tools.
  • Responsible for recommending disciplinary action for assigned subordinates.
  • Carry out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.
  • The Management reserves the right to make changes to this job description at its sole discretion and without advance notice.

What are we looking for?

An Engineering Technician serving Hilton Brands is always working on behalf of our Guests and working with other Team Members. To successfully fill this role, you should maintain the attitude, behaviours, skills, and values that follow:

  • Familiar with the operation principle and fault judgment method of large data centre infrastructure (power supply, air conditioning, fire control, security, monitoring, network, etc.).
  • Willing to be engaged in the monitoring post for day shift and night shift for a long period and have enough time to study.
  • Strong sense of responsibility, teamwork, professionalism and learning ability.
  • Active and motivated in work, with a good sense of service.
  • Good analytical and problem-solving skills, able to work independently.

  • Harap selalu berhati-hati terhadap segala bentuk tindak penipuan.
  • Selalu hindari lowongan kerja yang memungut biaya saat proses rekrutmen, karena sejatinya mencari kerja adalah upaya untuk mencari dan mendapatkan upah, bukan untuk dipunguti upah.
  • Befwork selalu berusaha membantu untuk memilah dan memfilter informasi lowongan kerja yang dipublikasi. Tetapi, alangkah baiknya apabila diimbangi oleh wawasan yang lebih baik juga dari para Befseeker.

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