Lowongan Kerja Gojek Juli 2022

Halo Befseeker! Selamat berjuang untuk mencari kerja dan merubah nasib. Pada kesempatan kali ini, Befwork menyajikan informasi lowongan kerja wilayah Banten dengan rincian sebagai berikut:

About The Role

As our Senior Software Engineer for the Infrastructure Engineering Payments platform, you'll play an integral part in designing solutions for Indonesia’s leading digital payments platform. You’ll spend your time writing elegant, bulletproof code, enhancing the platform’s engineering strategy, mentoring a talented troop of engineers, driving critical projects, and designing microservices to further evolve our payments system. With this team, you'll be presented with ample opportunities to tackle challenging problems and build systems from scratch. Your efforts will directly improve the productivity of our engineers, and contribute in redefining the payments ecosystem in Indonesia, bringing wider and more inclusive financial services to the region and beyond.

What You Will Do

  • Be one of the primary contributors on delivery and technical aspects of initiatives within the infrastructure engineering team; example initiatives: a) Build process, automation, and software to provide self-service application for product engineers to provision and configure stateful components reliably and in timely manner; b) Identify and build a disaster recovery solution to minimize single point of failure within our infrastructure; c) Build process and automation to provide high availability solution to our stateful components
  • Bring in-depth knowledge of cloud infrastructure to the team and enhance the engineering quality
  • Be a hands-on senior engineer, contributing to design philosophies and utilizing the practices you'll develop for the team
  • Mentor and provide advice to more junior engineers, guiding them in making sound architectural decisions, improving their code quality, and helping them out of their comfort zone
  • Build and manage fully automated build/test/deployment environmentsCommunicate and collaborate effectively with key stakeholders among Engineering Payments team in a global environment
  • Continuously improve code quality, product execution, and customer delight
  • Collaborate with the security team to improve the security of our platform

What You Will Need

  • At least 4 years of hands-on experience in designing, developing, testing, deploying, and managing distributed applications or services in either Golang, Ruby, Rust, Python or other similar general purpose languages
  • At least 2 years of hands-on experience in operating large scale cloud infrastructure deployments
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills focused on improving collaboration, understanding, and information exchange across all stakeholders
  • Solid understanding of distributed system fundamentals and ability to troubleshoot issues in a larger distributed infrastructure, including concepts from unit-level (e.g. operating system, resources management) to systems level (e.g. networking, observability, high-availability).
  • Professional experience in working with key technologies that are used by the team, including: Infrastructure as Code tools, configuration management system, container technologies, container orchestrators, and schedulers (Kubernetes)
  • All professional experience within a Linux / Unix environment
Bonus Points If You Have
  • A professional certification in relevant cloud platforms - Preferably AWS or GCP
  • A professional certification in relevant cloud technologies or components, such as: Kubernetes (CKA or CKAD), RDBMS-related certification, etc
  • Demonstrated experience in working on solutions that span networking, virtualization, and storage domains
About The Team

Our GoPay team consists of 100+ zealous folk based in Jakarta and Bangalore. As Nasi Goreng is to the people of Indonesia, we are to Gojek: providing the nourishment to sustain our business from the inside out. We run and oversee one of Southeast Asia's largest e-money wallet platforms and Indonesia's leading digital payments provider.

Our service is now accepted at over 300,000 online and offline merchants in Indonesia alone, with our ecosystem processing US$3.6 billion of annualized Gross Transaction Value. But, the growth of Payments does not stop here. We are hungry for more. We intend to become the largest payment and financial services group in Southeast Asia. It's our job to ensure that this number grows, and more importantly, that anyone utilizing our platform is given the most seamless payment experience possible. How does one achieve this, you may ask? By collaborating diligently with our users to understand the daily obstacles they face in the payment arena, then crafting our products and services to aid these issues.

As a team, we’re concerned not only with the growth of the company, but each other’s personal and professional growths, too. Along with a common drive to jump over technical barriers and provide sustainable solutions, our team bonds over our shared love for tea, movies, and TV shows. With WFH becoming more normalized, you best believe we’ve been sharing our favorite ways to prioritize a healthy work-life balance at home (Netflix, anyone?😜).


  • Harap selalu berhati-hati terhadap segala bentuk tindak penipuan.
  • Selalu hindari lowongan kerja yang memungut biaya saat proses rekrutmen, karena sejatinya mencari kerja adalah upaya untuk mencari dan mendapatkan upah, bukan untuk dipunguti upah.
  • Befwork selalu berusaha membantu untuk memilah dan memfilter informasi lowongan kerja yang dipublikasi. Tetapi, alangkah baiknya apabila diimbangi oleh wawasan yang lebih baik juga dari para Befseeker.

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