Lowongan Kerja British School Jakarta Juli 2022

Halo Befseeker! Selamat berjuang untuk mencari kerja dan merubah nasib. Pada kesempatan kali ini, Befwork menyajikan informasi lowongan kerja wilayah Banten dengan rincian sebagai berikut:

Job Purpose:

To coordinate and assist in all activities within the Talent and Organisation Development section in HR for developing and implementing effective processes, systems to support the effort in achieving the highest and most optimum capabilities of the employees and the organisation. This job covers administration and coordination activities in some major areas, including but not limited to talent management and development, learning and development, organisation design and development, performance management, employee movement and transition as well as policy and procedures


  • To assist in developing and implementing the talent development system, especially in giving the necessary administrative support required during the creation and the implementation processes.
  • To assist in the administration of employee movement and transition, including transfer/mutation, promotion/demotion, job title change, reporting line change, job enlargement/step increase and other relevant movement cases.
  • To support in collecting, analysing and processing training needs based on the performance reviews and performance plans for all employees in accordance with the SOP-Training & Development.
  • To conduct the New Employee Induction (NEI) Programme for all new employees in accordance with the NEI matrix in the SOP-Training and Development, ensuring all required information is provided and conveyed for a smooth onboarding process.
  • To assist in conducting a job analysis and preparing a Role Clarification (RC) for all employment positions, whether for existing or new positions. This includes interviewing and liaising with the incumbent and/or the related line managers when necessary.
  • To assist in preparing and improving employee Performance Development System (concept and database system), including but not limited to: providing inputs, translating ideas into system for execution, and socialisation to all employees for their understanding & implementation.
  • To coordinate all processes within the annual performance cycle in the Performance Development System, which includes Performance Planning, Half-Year Review, Full-Year Review and Normalisation, and properly document the results for management report and discretion.
  • To assist in the development of any policies and procedures related to all areas in the Talent and Organisation Development section, including the document review and update, the preparation process for flowcharts and standard forms.
  • To be familiar with, and uphold all, Safeguarding policies and Child Protection and Responsible Use of Data policies and procedures within the school.
  • In liaison with the Line Manager, take responsibility for upholding Health and Safety practice within your own working area and be responsible for completing risk assessments/near misses as appropriate.


  • Minimum Bachelor Degree (S1) preferably in Human Resources, Psychology, Management, Business Administration or other relevant education background.
  • Minimum 2 years of related experience.
  • Have experience in talent management and talent development.
  • Have experience in conducting a training need analysis, administering training requests and arranging training in-house training.
  • Have experience in creating and administering job descriptions and maintaining organisation structures.
  • Have experience in administering performance management;
  • Experience in developing policies and procedures will be an advantage.
  • Good knowledge in talent management and development.
  • Capable in training management from conducting a training need analysis, a training plan, to administering training requests and arranging an in-house training when necessary, and ending with training evaluation and report.
  • Good skills in job analysis and writing a job description, and in creating an effective organisation structure.
  • Capable in performance management using the key performance indicators and the key behavior indicators.
  • Excellent administrative skills using the Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) or Google Suite (doc, sheet, slide, form), and Visio for organisation structure and flowcharts.
  • Good skills in creating a policy or a standard operating procedure will be an advantage.
  • Personal qualities: trainable and reliable, a quick learner, detail-oriented, mature and positive attitude in handling confidential matters.
  • Able to understand the HR department’s objectives and needs in order to be able to contribute to the HR achievement that is fully aligned with the organisation’s business strategy and objectives.

  • Harap selalu berhati-hati terhadap segala bentuk tindak penipuan.
  • Selalu hindari lowongan kerja yang memungut biaya saat proses rekrutmen, karena sejatinya mencari kerja adalah upaya untuk mencari dan mendapatkan upah, bukan untuk dipunguti upah.
  • Befwork selalu berusaha membantu untuk memilah dan memfilter informasi lowongan kerja yang dipublikasi. Tetapi, alangkah baiknya apabila diimbangi oleh wawasan yang lebih baik juga dari para Befseeker.

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