Lowongan Kerja Ceva Logistics Juni 2022

Halo Befseeker! Selamat berjuang untuk mencari kerja dan merubah nasib. Pada kesempatan kali ini, Befwork menyajikan informasi lowongan kerja wilayah D.K.I Jakarta

dengan rincian sebagai berikut:


Brief Description:

This position is to embed into a CL Area / business line and is responsible for the development and deployment of LEAN initiatives to help control core business operating costs, to improve quality / service level and to improve overall process capabilities. The role combines;

  • Training, educating and coaching staff on LEAN concepts, tools and methods.
  • Observe value stream waste, coach and drive LEAN principle and methodologies for waste removal.
  • Perform role as leader in championing LEAN and change management.
  • Facilitate and drive implementation of various site’s Operations Excellence programs, i.e. Site Classification, Supervisor A3 Kaizen, Productivity, Performance Management and etc.
  • In liaison with the site team and site management team, perform as catalyst across operations for performance improvement at projects along with process change. 
  • Run various continuous improvement projects, rapid problem solving exercises and other learning events.
Drive standardization and consistency of approach.

Key Accountabilities/Duties:
  • Independently lead a group of operational staffs and execute key improvement projects of Productivity, Cost and Quality to support Business Goals & Objectives.
  • Possesses CI project leadership to ensure improvement projects / plans are implemented in a timely manner, well documented, presenting updates and outcomes of improvement initiatives and related activities.
  • Working closely and assist operations to develop and deliver opportunities for improvements, with an action / strategic deployment plans.
  • Pro-actively work with site responsible in promoting continuous improvement (Kaizen) cultures across the operations; deliver Kaizen A3 training & workshop, review & coach site on quality Kaizen, regularly help to identify key Kaizen projects.
  • Working closely with site responsible on Site Classification (SCA) deployment; develop and execute SCA support plan as functional expert, coach LEAN metrics & tools implementation, develop assessment schedule & conduct assessments, track & monitor DIY progress and through the knowledge and experience help to develop and improve the metrics’ content.
  • As the Subject Matter Expert in LEAN / Continuous Improvement, conduct necessary trainings including LEAN games, SCA, Kaizen, structured problem solving and LEAN Introduction Training (LIT) as per LEAN plan.
  • Providing training, coaching and mentoring to LEAN Change Agents.
  • Provide LEAN ideas for constant enhancement tools, training modules and methods.

Prepare and review LEAN reports (CL KPIs, SCA, 5S, Kaizen, productivity, potential saving and etc.), ensuring timely submission.


  • Harap selalu berhati-hati terhadap segala bentuk tindak penipuan.
  • Selalu hindari lowongan kerja yang memungut biaya saat proses rekrutmen, karena sejatinya mencari kerja adalah upaya untuk mencari dan mendapatkan upah, bukan untuk dipunguti upah.
  • Befwork selalu berusaha membantu untuk memilah dan memfilter informasi lowongan kerja yang dipublikasi. Tetapi, alangkah baiknya apabila diimbangi oleh wawasan yang lebih baik juga dari para Befseeker.

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